Timo Solin –
Portraits of an Artist. Atlantis, ISBN 91-7486-718-0

The body and the archetypal concepts of its forms is says the artist himself in this book. Timo Solin is a Finnish-born artist living in Sweden for many years. His metal sculptures of preferably women – strong and expressive, strong and vibrant, often like blue with red flying hair – engage and influence. Read these texts by four writers: Nils Petter Sundgren has met and interviewed the artist, Kurt Almqvist who is one of the founders of the Swedish Jung Institutegives his view of Timo Solin´s artistry related to psychoanalysis, Björn Linnell goes on to interprete the artist’s visual world, and Åsa Moberg helps with personal reflections on his art. The book is richly illustrated with reproductions in colour of Timo Solins sculptures – take the chance to get to know a different artist, a self-taught and “lone wolf in the Swedish art world ‘, to quote Sundgren”