Timo Solin

A Swedish sculptor born in Finland. His main source of inspiration are the human forms. During the 80´s he worked mainly in wood and plywood.
In  the more recent years he has evolved into creating powerful and expressive sculptures in sheet-metal that he paints in strong colors.
Timo Solin is also working in bronze where he lets the polished surfaces play in contrast with unpolished surface´s color, patina, shade and light.
The bronze sculptures vary in size from 30 cm to 3 meters and are suited for both outdoor and indoor display.
He also composes large acrylic paintings and has created his own CUTOUT style with stark coloring.
Timo Solin has designed textilepatterns, made ceramics in his own style and produced drawings and watercolors that can be seen in his book of poems, haikus and thoughts…
His works are displayed in museums around the world, such as Utsugushi-ga-hara Open Air Museum in Japan and José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico city.